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Freguently Asked Questions
Asphalt and Paving Terminology

We are occasionally asked about certain terms and technical phrases in our industry. Below is a collection of questions and phrases that will help you get up to speed.

What is Sealcoating?

Applying a sealcoat over asphalt pavement is to protect the pavement from the natural elements, like sun, rain, and wind. Without a sealcoat, the asphalt pavement, over time, will begin to crack. A sealcoat will provide a waterproof membrane that slows down the deterioration process.

What sealcoat do you use?

We are Qualified Product Applicator of GuardTop sealcoat. At 10.9 pounds per gallon, GuardTop’s unique formula consists of the highest quality additives, a remarkably accelerated asphalt residual value and a nonvolatile component minimum of 60% by weight. Each component is selected for its characteristics to produce a seal coat with deeper, longer-lasting color, firmer body and greater durability than any other product on the market. Longevity equals long term cost savings.

GuardTop is free of carcinogenic materials and is nonflammable - made with the environment in mind. With pavement preservation as their goal, GuardTop uses recycled materials there-by reducing the environmental impact and preserving asphalt surfaces for generations to come.

When can we drive on our newly sealed parking lot?

Please allow 24 hours for your sealcoat to dry before walking or driving on the pavement. If barricades are still up, please do not drive or walk through. Some areas may not be completely dried yet. Driving onto wet seal will cause damage to the roadway and your vehicle.

Our parking lot is heavily damaged. Can a sealcoat fix this?

Unfortunately, a sealcoat will not fix a heavily cracked or damaged parking lot. Sealcoat is NOT a crack-filler or pothole filler. It is just a protective coat and cannot fix defects. For best results, your parking lot should be repaired first then a sealcoat applied.

We are scheduled to sealcoat today but it is raining. Will work commence as planned?

Sorry, we cannot apply a sealcoat when we have wet weather. The pavement needs to be dry for the application process. Also, warm and sunny weather are important for the 24 hour curing time. Please understand if we have to re-schedule your job because of weather. We want you to be happy with the finished result so delaying a sealcoat might be beneficial.

What are the causes of cracks in our pavement and how can we resolve?

Asphalt pavements are “flexible” and moves when a vehicle rolls over the surface. It expands and contracts with the weather conditions (heating & cooling). Over time it loses its oils and cracks.

Earth movement, street slope, tree roots, moisture in the base below the asphalt, bad soil and poor compaction are some more of the causes for cracks.

Usually, the best solution, though costly, for cracks is a complete overlay.

Through our experience, whether you fill them or not, prior to sealcoating, they are always evident after you sealcoat. Cracks will re-open up sooner or later. It’s just the nature of an asphalt pavement of being “flexible”.

We guarantee quality workmanship and materials, but cannot guarantee that cracks will not occur or reoccur due to factors as mentioned above.

Any preparation before sealcoating, asphalt repairs, etc,?

  • Homeowners/tenants should be notified by their property management company or HOA board prior to work commencing.
  • Please turn off irrigation systems 2 days prior to start of any work.
  • Landscape (groundcover, grass, bushes, etc.) to be cut back from asphalt pavement curbs.
  • Provide an emergency contact number.
  • It is the responsibility of the property owner, property management company, or Board Member (assigned person) to oversee the removal (or relocation) of any vehicles parked in the designated works areas (if necessary).
  • Please do not move barricades/caution tape/cones. Respect the cone zone. It’s for our safety and yours!


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